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Plausible lighting design and dynamic simulation are the innovations that give us the winning edge in lighting discipline. We consider these as the basic elements of proposition bearing the meaning of a solution, your lighting solution. From empirically based facts and information, ES team lighting considers all paramount facets of a certain project, from Pre-design stage to methods of construction, and from abstract idea to existence. ES team Lighting directs on the three essential aspects of the illumination of a space or a structure.

ES team Lighting directs on the three essential aspects of the illumination of a space or a structure.

  • Visual appeal, a piece particularly important in the illumination of retail environments.
  • Ergonomic aspect: the amount of how largely the role of the lighting works.
  • Energy efficiency, securing light is not wasted by over-illumination, either by illuminating vacant spaces unnecessarily or by providing more light than needed.

Our Lighting Design Team attempts to raise the general attractiveness of the design, measure whether it should be subtly blended into our clientele expectation. Lighting design qualifies as being neither an art nor a science, rather a mixture of both. ES team Lighting has a good understanding of the properties of light from a scientific standpoint and of the functioning of a light fitting.

We are equipped with high-end workstations loaded with Autocad, Autodesk 3dMAX, Adobe Creative Suite, and DIALUX. These softwares are used to produce a more visual, technical and realistic approach in providing an effective lighting solution.

A collection of versatile product range is at hand to satisfy all the means of providing the lighting solution. ES team is continuously developing our iLED and Gruppe product line to meet the entire lighting requirement you need.




  • The impression of a lively edifice calls for an appealing facade that is suggestive and develop a signature image.  ES team Lighting study and analyze the architectural features of the building and highlight effective points to make the structure standout.

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  • Setting the mood of your interior space can create a psychological effect and influence the user behavior. Proper lighting and ambiance will give the comfort for every individual in a certain place. ES team Lighting will provide you lighting design calculations and ambient lighting proposals that suite your requirements.


  • Rich foliage and beautiful landscapes are often taken for granted during the night as it is cloaked with darkness and water features are supposed to bring dynamic and lively feel. All these can be enhanced with a touch of creativity and lighting. ES team Lighting can provide key proposals that would render foliage, create unique lighting features and provide inviting ambience to waterscapes and lush greeneries.


  • The effect of lighting to merchandise and storefront illumination visually excites the consumers and gives more aesthetic value to an area or even a certain item. ES team Lighting gives importance to this vital aspect in promoting the elegance of your commercial space, mall or storefront with innovative lighting techniques and product solutions.


  • Dynamic images, interactive projections, and creative lighting are imperative nowadays in corporate branding or promotional media. ES team Lighting is heading to this viewpoint of lighting innovations and upgrade advertising and branding to a higher level.

  • It is inevitable to illuminate and enhance a building, a house or even a space, may it be for security or general lighting. Modern lighting technology helps humanize the environment by enhancing the ergonomic design of the workplace or any area. The safety, speed and ease with which we move and perform tasks in our environment depends essentially on the quality of the lighting. ES team lighting considers these factors in providing solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, sports or street lighting requirements.


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