• Alloy aluminium can sustain wind pressure, is highly resistant to corrosion and has decorative properties
  • Using large CNC spinning equipment, the raw materials are made into conical or profiled shapes
  • Aluminium pole has a wiring chamber where the connection box is installed. The wiring chamber cover is laser cut or by specially designed saw.
  • Earthing: There is M8 bolt in the hole for fastening the earth grounding wire. Bolts for wiring chamber cover.
  • A356 low pressure casted base, T6 heat treatment, automatic wielding equipment to connect base and pole.
  • Heating at 185-195 temperature for 7-8 hours makes the column stable and the hardness reaches 9-11HW
  • 4 finishes: Anodizing, Fluorocarbon coating, Powder coating, Water transfer printing